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X Level Anti Vibe Steering Stem $365
Six 5 Design offers both X Level Steering stems as well as Stock replacement stems. Our Steering Stems are made with 4 things in mind:

To out perform the competition.  (More aggressive steering geometry with less bump steer)
To out last the competition.  (Twin wall construction to putting added strength in major stress areas)
To out Style the competition.  (Sleek and unique pointed design)
To weigh less than the competition.  (High Grade material mated with twin wall constructions only in areas needed)

Our X Level Stem has been developed to mate with the X Level A Arms.  The steering geometry is much more aggressive in comparison to the OEM stem.  Allowing the X Level equipt YFZ450R to Corner as if it were "ON RAILS". 

X LEVEL A Arms $1349
Long Travel MX System

Six 5 Design,  X Level  kit is exactly that, the neXt LEVEL.  This system mates the precise steering characteristics with a spot on leverage ratio.  

Using 3D Design software prior to actual fabrication allows us to peg every little detail.  This system boasts 10.5" of usable (Bind Free) wheel travel. It also has a lower than average Motion ratio.  This resists dive in the corners giving you the ability to hammer into the turn as hard as possible without 3 wheeling or tipping.  

This kit comes with OEM style pivot bushings, sleeves, and seal caps on the lower a arms and adjustable Hiem joints on the uppers. 

​To amplify the precise steering,  we have widend the a arms .8" per side in comparison to stock,  this helps the quad track better through corners without taking any traction from the rear end.  Six 5 Design also offers the X Level Steering Stem which has been designed to improve the cornering abilities of the YFZ450R.  Mated with the X Level A Arms this system is missing link to make your YFZ450R a notch above the competition. 


X LEVEL Swingarm 


Six 5 Design is proud to introduce our innovative line of Swingarms. Our swingarms are unique to say the least.  We have gone drastically against the grain when it comes to this area of our product line.  These Swingarms are a statement of individualism as well as to prove that lightweight components can be built to outlast and out perform the conventional (Box Tube Style) swingarms that have ruled the market for years.  

​If you have a YFZR, you know that there is an issue with the OEM Swingarm holding up to the abuse that a serious rider can inflict.  This swingarm is a direct replacement for your stock swingarm with a few important additions. 

It is made of 4130 Chrom-moly steel tubing,  formed into an arched style design for superior strength.  X brace with formed tube gussets for excellent load transfer and durability. 

We have also added a bolt on chain guide to ensure that the chain stays on.  It uses an OEM Honda Chain Guide off of a 1996-2001 CR250r and CR500r motorcycle. 

These swingarms are pounds lighter than the nearest competitor.  

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