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Introducing the Six 5 Design Alpha Hybrid. 

This model offers superiority on every level.  From its ground breaking style to its precise handling.  There is no detail untouched on the Alpha.  Alphas lead the pack in every realm, this is no different. 

The Alpha Hybrid may look like a TRX450, but there is very little TRX About them.  We have developed this system from the ground up using a mix of industry experience and new age design technology.  Using 3d CAD software, we can push the limits of both design and fabrication.  By taking the time in the initially to perfect our products and fixturing, it allows us the ability to offer our customers unrivaled precision and craftsmanship.  This system must be assembled as a kit.  It requires the chassis, subframe, a arms, steering stem, swingarm, and linkage. 

Chassis:  The Alpha Chassis weighs in at approximately 31.8 lbs and is made of seamless chrom-moly steel tubing (4130).  The Chassis is designed with an ultra-narrow lower control arm mounting location, to allow for the longest possible arms as well as a variable caster front end (Anti Dive) this allows the system to increase caster throughout the travel, making for quick, stable, and precise handling.  To ensure that strength is not an issue, we have the only 3 beam front frame section on the market.  The Alpha Hybrid is the only production hybrid built in the USA that has a completely bolt in engine mount system.  This allows you to bolt virtually any engine you want into the chassis without additional fabrication.  The most common use for this, is those that want to start with a 150cc or 250cc engine, then graduate to a 450cc engine.  With the Alpha Hybrid, this is an easy task.  With no need to build a new machine.  Saving you money and time. 

Front Suspension:  The Alpha Front suspension uses a 20.8” shock with an optimized leverage ratio to ensure smooth transitions from the small bumps to the hard hits.  The anti-dive control arm mounting allows the Alpha to get into corners quickly and precisely without excessive roll.  The A Arms are designed to match LTR spindles.  The Alpha is designed to turn under our competitors without sacrificing corner speed.

Steering System:  The Alpha steering system is as unique as can be.  To match the precision steering of the LTR Spindles, we used the LTR steering flag as well.  Allowing us to mount all the lower steering components in between the mid frame rails.  This gives the Alpha a shorter steering stem which saves weight.  We also use twin wall technology on our steering stem meaning that the stem is much thinner without sacrificing strength and durability. 

Subframe:  The Alpha is similar to our TRX 450 lowering subframe.  Giving you the ability to raise and lower your subframe effortlessly. 

Rear Suspension:  Alpha rear suspension is designed to seamlessly ramp from the soft to stiff throughout the travel.  We can do this by optimizing the progressive percentage through the travel.  The Alpha uses a rear shock/linkage configuration similar to what is found in the latest state of the art motocross motorcycles. 

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